Our Nursery Fee and Session Structure

With effect from 1st September 2021



Breakfast Club (07:30am – 08:00am) Including breakfast meal charge

4 Hour Morning or Afternoon (Session not available for under 2’s)

4.5 Hour Morning or Afternoon (08:00 – 12:30) (Under 2’s will incur an additional £2.63 for the cost of the lunch with this session)

5 Hour Morning or Afternoon with Lunch (08:30 – 13:30)

5.5 Hour Morning or Afternoon with Lunch (08:00 – 13:30)

8 Hour day with Lunch

8.5 Hour day with Lunch

9 Hour Day with Lunch

9.5 Hour Day with Lunch (08:00 – 17:30)

Tea Club (17:30 – 18:00) Including tea meal charge

9.5 Hour Day with Lunch and Breakfast Club  (07:30 – 17:30)

9.5 hour Day with Lunch and Tea Clubs (08:00 – 18:00)

9.5 hour Day with Lunch including Breakfast & Tea Clubs (07:30 – 18:00)

Under 2’s














2–3 Years














Over 3’s














Flexible session lengths and start times, only pay for the childcare you need

4 weeks no charge holiday entitlement for all children* 
(*pro rata if part time attendance)

(All Year Round Attendance)

Meal charges:
Hot two course lunch – £2.63 (for children attending between 12:30 – 13:30)


Only one of the following discounts apply per child:
10% discount on fees when 40 hours or more are purchased per week at nursery. (excluding meal cost)
5% discount on fees when 30 hours or more are purchased per week at nursery. (excluding meal cost)
5% Sibling discount. This being allocated against the eldest child. (excluding meal costs)

Discounts do not apply to breakfast and Tea clubs. (07:30 – 08:00 & 17:30 – 18:00)


Children are entitled to take 4 weeks no charge holidays per year, pro-rata if part time (one months notice is required please). Our holiday year runs in line with an academic year (1st Sep – 31st Aug).
No charge is made for Nursery closure between Christmas and New Year (excluding bank holidays, usually 3 days).

Bank Holidays are charged at full rate, but can be taken from your holiday entitlement or swapped for an alternative session if we have the availability.  We know that trying to balance a busy life of work, home and family is hard, we will try to swap or extend regular sessions should the need arise, subject to availability.

We operate various sessions during the day, being as flexible as possible can also complicate things. If you are unsure, we can always assist you with what sessions or times you need:

Breakfast club – is a stand alone bolt on regular session which can be added to your child’s regular sessions (07:30 – 08:00)

Half day Morning or Afternoon sessions
4, 4½, 5, 5½  hour –  am or pm sessions

Under 2’s half day sessions start – 08:00 or 08:30 (a.m sessions including lunch) and 12:30 0r 13:00 (p.m sessions excluding lunch)

Over 2’s Half day sessions start –  08:00, 08:15, 08:30 (a.m Sessions) and 12:30, 13:30, (p.m Sessions).

Lunch session: stand alone lunch session that can be added to half day sessions to make a 5 or 5½ hour session (it is included within the full days session) Half day sessions cannot start or finish during our lunch period. They must either start or finish at 12:30 or 13:30*. If you want a session to start before 12:30 or finish after 13:30* the session will become a full day session.

Under 2’s Lunch is at 11:45 and is included as part of a 4 or 4.5 hour morning session. (08:00 – 12:30 or 08:30 – 12:30)

Over 2’s is Lunch 12:30pm – 1:30pm

* the example above is based on the over 2’s lunch time (12:30 – 13:30). The same  does not apply to the under 2’s lunch as it is included as part of the morning session.

Full day sessions
8, 8½, 9, 9½ hour day sessions
Full day sessions start – 8.00am, 8.15am, 8.30am, 8.45am or 9.00am

Tea Club – is a stand alone bolt on regular session that can be added to your child’s regular sessions. (17:30 – 18:00)

Session Examples:

Half Day Session Examples:
AM Session – 4 hours:                                              PM Session – 4 hours:
8:00am – 12:00pm (not available for under 2’s)   13:30pm – 5:30pm
8:30am – 12:30pm (includes lunch for under 2’s)
AM Session – 4.5 hours:
8:00am – 12:30pm (includes lunch for under 2’s)
AM Session – 5 hours:                                              PM Session – 5 hours:
8:30am – 13:30pm                                                      12:30pm – 17:30pm
AM Session – 5.5 hours:
8:00am – 13:30pm

Full Day Session examples:
8 hours:
08:00am – 16:00pm
08:30am – 16:30pm
09:00am – 17:00pm
8.5 hours:
08:00am – 16:30pm
08:30am – 17:00pm
09:00am – 17:30pm
9 hours:
08:00am – 17:00pm
08:30am – 17:30pm
9.5 hours:
08:00am – 17:30pm

We are registered for the Early Years Education funding (applicable for children the term after their third birthday) and accept all Salary Sacrifice Voucher Schemes and the Tax free Childcare government scheme.

All children are entitled to 4 weeks non chargeable holiday per year*

*pro-rata for part time attendance.

You will be able to have upto four weeks per academic year of holiday where fees will not be charged.


The following conditions apply to holiday allowance:

We require 1 months notice in advance for all holiday bookings.

Holiday can only be taken in terms of sessions attended, and cannot split into half days. for example if your child attends a full day you will only be able to book the full day/session as holiday.

The holiday year runs from 1st September – 31st August each year.

Holiday entitlement is pro rata, 4 weeks holiday equates to 20 sessions for a child attending 5 sessions per week for a full academic year. If you child attends 3 sessions per week their allowance will be 12 days/sessions holiday per academic year. If your child joins or leaves mid way through an academic year this will also effect their eligibility.

A session is defined as whatever a child attends per day, a child cannot attend more that one session per day.

Bank holidays are chargeable, but can be booked out as part of your Childs holiday allowance.


There are many schemes which are available to parents to help towards the cost of childcare.

Childcare Voucher Schemes – unfortunately the scheme has now closed to new registrants. Parents that are registered before 4th October 2018 are able to deduct a maximum of £243 per month from their monthly salary before deductions to pay for childcare.

Tax Free Childcare – the government will contribute £2 for every £8 you pay towards childcare per month, up to a maximum of £2000 per child per year. Please see this page for further information.

2 Year Funding – Some children will be eligible for 2 year funding. There are eligibility criteria involved and parents must apply directly to their local authority. Please see this page for further information.

Funded Hours –   (commonly known as 15 hours free childcare) All children are eligible for funded hours from the term after their third birthday. Please see our funding page for more information.

Extended Funded Hours – (commonly known as 30 hours free childcare) Working parents will be able to claim extended funding for their child from the term after their third birthday. Please see our funding page for more information.

Tax Credits for Childcare -Existing tax credit customers may be able to claim up to 70% of their childcare cost, up to £122.50 a week for one child or £210 for two or more. There are eligibility criteria involved. Please see this page for further information.

Universal Credit for Childcare – Working Parents claiming universal credit can claim unto 85% of childcares up to a maximum £646 a month for one child, or £1,108 for two or more. Please. see this page for more information.

Support While you Study – We are registered for the Childcare Grant Payment Service. Parents at School, College, Sixth form, higher and Further Education maybe eligible for financial support. please see this page for more information.

Workplace Nursery Scheme – parents who’s employers partner with us through the workplace nursery scheme will be able to claim childcare costs before wage deductions. Please see Enjoy Benefits for further details.


All the information above is available at www.childcarechoices.gov.uk with links to apply directly.