Hello everyone, Dougie has been very busy distracting mummy and daddy from work. He has been climbing all over the furniture, painting the floors, watering the decking, playing with creepy crawlies, reading books, mastering puzzles, and watching cats. He’s also learnt to say a few more words and is signing really well.
Dougie really misses all of you and hopes you are all well and causing mischief!
Love Dougie and his mummy and daddy. X

Seby has been enjoying chasing pigeons, finding sticks, helping Daddy do the gardening and playing with water in the garden. He also made an Easter crown.

Alyssia has enjoyed spending time with her big brother Theo. She has enjoyed playing in the garden and eating the cakes Theo has made. She is now independent with using her potty and she is enjoying climbing everything she can find including out of her cot. Alyssia is missing all her nursery friends and her Carers.

Seby From tigers has been helping in the garden and chasing pigeons in the park! He got very upset today asking to go to nursery! He put his hat on and got his backpack and went to the front door bless him. He has also been playing with water in the garden and collecting sticks!

Aaliyah has been playing with shaving foam

Aaliyah is missing nursery but is keeping busy. Here she is playing with some shaving foam in the garden. She’s been enjoying watching the circle time videos and singing along.

We miss seeing all your lovely faces at nursery. Lookin forward to things getting back to normal! In the meantime, we’ve all been enjoying the sunshine on our daily walk, and spending time the garden. Nathaniel and Lydia have also been doing lots of colouring and painting rainbows, and we’ve been doing a lot of dancing around the house and enjoying the time spent together.

Lyra is missing you all lots, but is having a good time at home.

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather and spending lots of time playing outside and being creative. Its really nice seeing what you have all been up to! I have been doing lots of baking and going for long walks. Take care, and we will see you all very soon.
lots of cuddles
Laura – Under 2s

Hello From Di

Hello from Di, missing you all big airwaive hugs from me to all of you, been very creative and here’s my rainbow window xxx

Alfred and Roisin enjoyed the garden in the sun last week, and climbed a tree on one of our walks. This week has felt a little more tough without the warm sun. You will see from the photos that Roisin is obsessed with batman because Alfred is.


  1. Seby is really missing nursery but loving spending more time with his mummy and daddy. We are going for a walk in the park and playing in the garden each day so hopefully the weather will stay dry!
    I’m looking forward to seeing the story time and activities. Any ideas are welcome!

    • Hi everyone!

      It’s so lovely to see what you’ve all been up to. It looks like you have been very busy and having so much fun with your families.

      Roisin I love your Batmam costume, it’s fab! And Sebby it sounds like you’ve been having a great time.

      We miss you all so much at nursery, hopefully we will see you soon.

      Take care

      Shannon Tiger 🙂

    • Claudia,Adam & Lyra ,
      Lovely to see Lyra being busy baking and playing in the garden ..miss sharing Lyra’s learning journey with her ,her ongoing energy & zest for everything ..
      We have been enjoying family time together,walking the dogs together and finding lots of jobs that never usually get done !
      Hope you are all keeping sane and safe in this strange uncertain time ..keep enjoying the sunshine .see you soon .Lisa x

  2. Hi Guys,
    Lyra is missing you all lots. Shannon and Di, you are getting regular shout outs, especially at bedtime.
    Lyra is having a great time, enjoying lots of time with me and her Dad. Making the most of this weird time for lots of lovely family fun.
    Will share some pics.
    Hopefully see you all soon,
    Love, Lyra, Claudia and Adam.

  3. Missing you too Lyra good to see you having fun and learning to cook,see you again soon x

  4. Hi guys!

    Hope you’re all well, missing you all lots!
    I’ve been working at our Keynsham nursery, it’s not the same without you Tigers but hopefully all will return to normal soon.

    Aaliyah that looks like great fun and I know how much you love all things messy, haha!
    WOW Lyra you have been busy! I bet your having a fab time with your mummy and daddy. Lydia those rainbows are amazing, I love them!

    I hope you all have a lovely Easter and don’t eat to many eggs ??.

    Take care and I’ll see you all soon.

    Shannon Tiger ??

  5. Oh my goodness, we totally did not realise this page exists before today.

    It’s so lovely to see your faces and what you’ve been up to. Dougie misses you all so much. How can we post some pictures?

    We hope you are all well.

    Love Dougie’s Mum


    • Hi, if you email the pictures into us, we will upload them on your behalf.

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