So during lockdown we have been keeping busy in and outdoors. Teddie is missing his friends at nursery very much including all his teachers but espeically his special teacher Rosie. So whislt being home we spoke about the things he enjoyed doing at nursery and what he enjoys doing when he visits his aunties house when mummy and daddy usually go to work.

One the the things he wanted to do was to scoot to nursery to make sure it was still closed and hadn’t opened and his friends wernt there, he also enjoyed thanking the NHS and all keyworkers on a Thursday evening. Teddie has also found out during lockdown he is going to become a big brother to Twins!! He is very excited about this and can’t wait to tell everyone when all the germs have gone. We hope everyone is keeping safe and hope to see you all soon xx

Emilys story

Emily a little movie about a baby called Enzo.

She said: “I made a movie about holiday and icecream.
It’s about baby Enzo and his sister. Hello to my friends! “

Hello everyone! I miss you. It looks like you are having fun at home. I am too. Some of my favourite things have been playing snap, doing lots of arts and crafts, planting seeds, dressing up, helping mummy and daddy unpack in our new house (which I like very much), playing in the garden, reading lots of stories and sometimes we get to go for a walk. A special “ola” to Nina and Teddy, who I miss a lot. I hope to see you all soon! Sending you a big cuddle. Xx Elisa

Matilda has been making some Easter characters and a tea party in the garden with her brother Rex.

A message from Louie, “‘Good Morning Rabbits, I hope you have a lovely day!” He really enjoyed looking at everyone’s pictures online.
Here are some photos of Louie from the last few weeks. He’s been playing golf, making ice creams, painting and helping his daddy in the garden.
He is missing his friends at nursery very much.
See you all soon.
From Louie x

Finley has been having a lovely time at home spending more quality time together. Finley misses his friends lots and often asks when it will stop. He and Albert had a play date via zoom where they dressed up as Spiderman and batman and ran around being silly.

Lorelei has been busy baking, drawing, dressing up, taking her scooter out to troopers hill and generally being a real star. So patient and delightful with her family. She misses everyone and really misses playing with her friends in particular. We hope she can see you all again soon!


We miss seeing all your lovely faces at nursery. Looking forward to things getting back to normal! In the meantime, we’ve all been enjoying the sunshine on our daily walk, and spending time the garden. Nathaniel and Lydia have also been doing lots of colouring and painting rainbows, and we’ve been doing a lot of dancing around the house and enjoying the time spent together.

Jaxon has been also been keeping busy building different dens and also getting lots of fresh air by scooting and going out on his trike every day, he misses his friends and staff at nursery and hopes to see everyone soon x

Emily loved Matilda’s painting picture and this week has been planting flowers and baking her daddy a birthday cake. She also drew her first picture of her mummy and daddy.
Alex has been enjoying trips out in the carrier this week

Albert has been busy on his bike, baking and drawing a rainbow to put up in his window

Hello From Freddie

Freddie’s been very busy, doing PE with joe wicks, practicing writing and numbers, building and making with daddy and lots of football and running in the garden.

Lloyd has been busy in the garden, planting, digging and fixing. Great job Lloyd, can you do my garden next?

Matilda Enjoying her Painting

Matilda has been busy at home making Wonderfull paintings. That picture would look great hanging on the wall behind you Matilda.


  1. Hello to all my rabbit ? friends
    I hope you are all well. I can’t wait to see you all soon when I’ll be back at nursery playing fun games together.

    I have been painting this morning and my mummy has sent a picture of me.

    See you soon

    Love Matilda ??

  2. Hi All,

    Albert has been keeping busy, playing, exercising, cooking, painting to name a few. He cant wait to see everyone again, hopefully soon.

  3. Hi Rabbits,

    Hope you’re all keeping well, I miss you all lots.

    Lovely cooking Albert, save a cake for me!? I love your rainbow picture too ?.

    Lovely gardening Lloyd, cannot wait to see them grow. ?

    Oh Freddie, that is such a lovely video, I miss you lots too, cannot wait for a cuddle when we are back at nursery. ?

    Matilda that is such a beautiful painting. I miss your huge smile ?.

    Hopefully this won’t go on for much longer, look after yourselves, especially my lovely rabbit parents.

    Hopefully see you all soon??

  4. Hello Rabbits ?

    I hope everyone is well and safe. I miss you lots and can’t wait to see you all back in nursery. Hopefully soon ❤️

    I loved seeing all the things our lovely rabbit friends have been doing at home. Lovely paintings, drawings and cooking everyone. Well done rabbits. Keep it up. ?

    Nathaniel, miss your dancing ? can’t wait to see all your new moves.

    Lorelei, those Easter eggs look delicious! Yum yum ?

    Awww, Emily what lovely drawings. Well done?

    Finley, love that crown and those Beautiful paintings ? ?

    Wow Lloyd, lovely gardening. Hope they grow beautifully ??

    Freddie, What a lovely video! I miss you too ☺️

    Matilda, love the paintings. Great job! I miss your big energy ?

    Wow Jaxon, you look so lovely in your chef outfit?‍?

    Albert, that is a beautiful rainbow! Well done!! ?

    To the lovely rabbit parents, keep safe and take care of yourselves! Hope to see you all real soon ?

    Love Falis

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