Poppy has been very busy last week collecting donations for the ‘Juice Community Project’, where we worked with the community to collect for a food bank. I was super proud of Pops who sat and wrote thank you notes to everyone who donated towards our collection.

Hayden has been promoted to a big brother!
Last week we welcomed baby Leo to the world and Hayden fell in love with him. He was a bit sad when mummy and leo had to stay in hospital for a little bit longer than expected but they’re home now and Hayden has been a wonderful big brother. Hayden loves to sing leo songs that he learned at nursery, stroke his hair, give him cuddles and help mummy with changing him.

Harlow has been missing everyone and can’t wait to see you all. But has been having lots of fun being home with her big brother and going for lots of walks.

Frankie has been enjoying her time at home, she has been playing games, baking, going for walks and having fun in the pool, and shaving her dads beard ? but also missing her nursery friends and teachers so so much.
Hopefully will see you all soon x

Charlie misses you all. He’s mainly been dressing up as usual! He misses all the dressing up outfits at nursery. Charlie’s also been baking, playing games, painting, making potions in the garden and cuddling his baby brother!

Nieve has been keeping busy whilst at home, playing the garden in her paddling pool, baking cakes (and eating them!) Painting and having lots of fun with Mummy and Daddy. Nieve misses all of her fish and rabbit friends a lot, especially all of the grown ups in her rooms. She cant wait to come back and see you all. Hopefully soon x

Fred has been out on his scooter, drawing rainbows and learning phonics.

Hello everyone at nursery Ellie’s missing all of you.
She’s been busy playing and learning at home with her sister. And
Ellie got her first choice place school at Chester park ?

Elahna has been very busy creating duplo models, building dens with her brother and helping with the gardening.
She’s missing you all and can’t wait to get back. Xx
Zac misses nursery and his friends a lot and talks about them often.

Leo has been enjoying lots of bike rides for our daily exercise but missed everyone at nursery. “He says he misses all of his friends and teachers at nursery and cannot wait to tell you all about what he has been up to”

Isabella is missing all her fish friends and can’t wait to come back and play with them all. She’s has been busy doing lots of crafts and baking cookies with daddy and playing on the trampoline with her sister Sofia in this lovely weather we are having. Isabella has also learnt to ride to her bike too.

Roka can now ride her bike without stabilisers and has painted a picture of a monster doing ballet. She also made a mask and has transformed into “super strong muscles” super girl.

Hope you are all keeping well.

A Message From Shauni

Hello everyone ??,

I’ve been very busy baking lots of cakes ?, eating far too many ice lollies ? and enjoying exercise outdoors in the ☀️ sunshine. I miss drawing with the children so I thought I’d colour in a rainbow ? my little brother made for me! I’d love ? to see more of your pictures and things you might of been making at home. I can’t wait to see all your smiles and faces soon! I miss you all lots. ??

Shauni ? ? xx

Theo has enjoyed playing in the garden in the play house and in the paddling pool. He has also been doing lots of painting and drawings. He especially liked helping to wash the car with his sister. Theo has been baking cakes and decorating biscuits. He is missing all his nursery friends and can’t wait to see them again.

Hi All my friends at Nursery, I am missing you, I want to come and play with you all soon….”
Meadow xxxx
Meadow is enjoying her time at home with mummy, Daddy, and her 4 brothers, we have a very busy house, We are keeping ourselves busy with lots of activitys to do throughout the day as well as keeping fit with Joe Wick , on the trampoline, splashing in the hot tub, as well as lots of singing and dancing, We are also enjoying the Sun☀️ and We are looking forward to our Easter weekend…..
Take Care , Stay Safe Everyone

Leo's been making Glasses

Hi Fish, I miss you and playing with you. I miss Caitlyn and Miles and Isabella, I can’t wait to see you soon!

I am having fun at home with mummy, daddy and Noah. We have been doing PE with Joe Wicks every day, arts and crafts (do you like the glasses we made?) and have been in the garden on our bikes.

I hope you are all ok, lots of love from Leo x

Mia and Arthur are missing their nursery friends and grown ups very much, and they can’t wait to get back to see you all. In the meantime they have been enjoying having some lazy days, bouncing around on their trampoline, making rainbows, building dens and spending some time helping out around the house and in the garden.

Hi all my Fish and Rabbit friends, I am missing you all and Nursery a lot and talk about all my friends and Nursery Teachers every day. I have been trying to keep myself busy with lots of fun things, I have taken my babies for a walk in their pram, I have been doing my favourite puzzles and making things with Mummy with paper and glue and glitter. I hope it won’t be much longer till the world is all cleaned up and we can come back to Nursery again and I can see you all to give you big hugs. Lots of Love Emma Troy.

Imogen has been Face Painting

Imogen misses her friends at nursery and cannot wait to see you all again.
In the meanwhile Imogen and her mummy are trying to learn how to face paint.

Caitlyn and Ella have been making Rainbows

Caitlyn and Ella have been busy making a rainbow and lots of Easter crafts! 🙂
Every morning  Caitlyn asks if its her nursery day, she misses everyone at nursery especially her friends and Rosie L :)! She cant wait to come back and see everyone again!!!

Dear Fish, I hope you have been great. I hope you haven’t got the corona. I love you fish. This is from Jack. Xx

Alba and Lucía are spending a lot of time in the garden and trampoline and we are taking the opportunity to spend more time together as a family. We hope everyone is keeping well. Our girls are missing you so much, hopefully everything goes back to ‘normal’ soon!

Hi Fish! We all miss seeing your little faces every day, but hope you are having lots of fun at home with your families. This week I have been out on lots of walks with Harley! I have seen lots of rainbows in peoples windows, have you made one for your window? I’d love to see any photos! I hope the lovely sun keeps shining.

Courtney Fish.
Poppy wanted to share with you all that we are keeping busy doing exercise in our garden, learning to ride her bike without stabilizers and spending quality time with daddy
Pops is really missing Stacey, Courtney, Katie, Laura, Abby, Lisa… she basically tells me daily a whole host of names for the staff .
Alfred and Roisin enjoyed the garden in the sun last week, and climbed a tree on one of our walks. This week has felt a little more tough without the warm sun.
Alfred turned 4 recently. We had to cancel his party, but he enjoyed a walk in the sun and batman presents.


  1. Wow Poppy, it looks like you’ve been really busy! Baby grace is looking so big too.

    What lovely pictures of Alfred ad Roisin exploring, I can imagine how happy you were happy with your Batman toy Alfred, we know you love superheroes!

    Courtney x

    • Hi all fish am missing you all so much. It is really nice to see what you have all been up to. I havent been doing much have been trying to sort out the house and clear everything out. Clio has been enjoying having me home and givi g loads of cuddles

  2. Hi Fish!!

    It was so lovely seeing your photos and reading your news and seeing your smiley faces as I miss you all so much!! It sounds like you have all been very busy.

    I have been home schooling William which is very different to what I am used to doing at Nursery!! William also made a Rainbow Caitlyn and Ella and it is displayed with pride in our front window ?

    Stay safe everyone and hope to see you all very soon.

    Lots of love Katie ?

    • Riaz said he missing all his friends and being outside at playtime. Riaz has enjoyed the sun and going iut for his daily walk, which he rides his bike or scooter.

  3. Lovely pictures Caitlyn and Ella, they look beautiful. ?

    Hopefully we will see you very soon Caitlyn, I miss you lots too?

    Love, Rosie L

  4. Hello from Lisa .
    Wow you have all been so busy .so lovely to see what you’ve all been upto .
    Alba & Lucia your lunch in the garden looks delicious..you look like you are having lots of fun in the sun .
    Poppy your riding your bike on two wheels ..that’s amazing well done ..it looks like you are looking after Grace as well ..
    Roisin & Arthur brilliant tent,it looks lots of fun ?..
    Imogen &Rio …hope you are having lots of fun in the sunshine ..I love the face painting ..
    See all of you very soon ..enjoy the sunshine and keep having lots of fun .

  5. Wow all of the fish look like they have been so busy! I wish I was having so much fun as you guys! Also Meadow your lipstick looks fantastic! Isabella well done for learning how to ride a bike, you learnt quicker than I did!!!!! I hope everyone is keeping well ❤️❤️

  6. Hi all my name is Sophie I’m looking forward to meetìng you all soon
    I’m a new member of staff. I can see that you all have been baking, having lots fun painting and exercising with joe wicks. I been busy going for walks seeing all the lovely Rainbows in the windows and baking bread with my husband Stuart. I wish you all well . Keep safe. I meet you soon . Take care from Sophie .

  7. You all look like you are making the most of this difficult time. It is lovely to see what amazing things you are doing whilst not being able to do much, keep up the positive spirits that you all have.

    We have received a lot of emails telling us where you will all be going to school, hopefully early next week we can get it all out for you.

    Hopefully get to see you all soon. It is too quiet without you all here telling me about your day during lunch.

    Keep safe, keep smiling and see you soon.

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