Lily has been making the most of her time at home, helping with the washing, getting out and about with the bubbles and flowers! But she really misses everyone at nursery, and I know she can’t wait to see all of her friends soon for some fun in the tough tray and circle time songs! We hope you’re all keeping safe with lots smiles!

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather and spending lots of time playing outside and being creative. Its really nice seeing what you have all been up to! I have been doing lots of baking and going for long walks. Take care, and we will see you all very soon.
lots of cuddles
Laura – Under 2s


  1. Hello to all my little Duckings and Pandas, I hope you are all safe and well and having lots of fun at home with your mummy’s and daddy’s.
    Can’t wait to see you all very soon and have you back at nursery, missing all my cuddles and seeing your happy, smiling faces.
    Please upload photos of all the fun things you’ve been up to while being at home,
    Take care and keep safe, sending lots of love hugs and kisses, miss you all loads, my days aren’t the same without you. (far to quiet) Xxx ??? Xxx

  2. Hello to all of my little panda and duckling friends! I hope you are all staying safe with your mummy’s and daddy’s and the rest of your family!

    I have been at home spending lots of time with my family, enjoying the sun and spending lots of time in my garden, and taking my dog called Charlie for lots of walks! ?

    It would be amazing to see some pictures, or little messages to see how you are spending your time at home and the things you have been up too! Although I’m sure you’re having a lovely time at home with your families!!

    I miss you all so much and I cannot wait to come back and see every single one of you!

    Have fun, and stay safe!!

    Lots of love,

    Shannon ??xxx

  3. Lovely to see the fun you are having Lily! Missing your smiles lots! Hopefully see you again soon ❤️

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