Thomas playing hide and seek.

This is Thomas is counting 1-10 whilst mummy is suppose to hide!

Evie has been baking yummy treats, taking Evie’s babies for daily walks, painting daddies nails, building castles, scootering & playing with trolls.
Evie is missing nursery and keeps saying how she can make everyone better with her doctors bag and then she can go back to play and see her friends.

Reuben has really enjoyed watching the videos of what everyone is up to.  Reuben has been watching some diggers across the road, playing with his diggers in the mud and we have even tried a digger dance.  It’s not all diggers though we have also had fun making some doughnuts and exploring the woods nearby.  We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Max has been enjoying time in the garden, washing the car and bubble wrap painting ?

Pola misses the Butterflies group, her friends and lovely ladies:Holy, Petra, Laura and other ladies who had taken great care of Pola. But we try to make time at home exciting and full of fun activities. Pola likes to ride on her scooter, go on walks with mum and dad, draw on a chalkboard, play games and dress up in hippy clothes. She says hi to all her friends.

We hope that everyone, both the staff and the children are in good health and spirits in this difficult time.

Charlotte has a Baby Brother

Charlotte’s little brother, Toby, arrived last week.

Charlotte is being her fabulous self, playing ‘Mum’ to Toby, kissing him every time he cries, getting blankets and muslins and sharing her toys. She is absolutely smitten.

We miss her Nursery family immensely and we hope that we can join you again soon.

Hope everyone is keeping well.

Hello from Imelda

Thomas doing his Puzzle

Thomas decided he was pulling everything out and doing his puzzle on his own. Here’s how it went ?

Amelia has been making some fairy cakes! We’ve been been very busy in the garden planting seeds these last few weeks!

Oliver has been busy playing football, going for a drive in this car ,while I build his new big boy bed? paw patrol puzzles have been a must, also some life skills like making mummy a cup of tea !
Please all stay safe and well. Oliver can’t wait to see you all again really soon

Mia and Arthur are missing their nursery friends and grown ups very much, and they can’t wait to get back to see you all. In the meantime they have been enjoying having some lazy days, bouncing around on their trampoline, making rainbows, building dens and spending some time helping out around the house and in the garden.

Eadie especially loves painting, cooking and helping around the house.
She misses her routine and friends more each day I think, and is talking about nursery lots this week 🙁

Rio likes Hokey Cokey

Rio has enjoyed time with his mummy, daddy and sister
..causing chaos and listening to the Hokey Cokey on repeat!

Forest has been enjoying getting out in the garden, going for a daily walk and kicking his ball about. He also loves washing his hands so is having a great time with that. He misses his friends from nursery and often talks about them so will enjoy seeing and hearing what everyone has been up to.

Ariana being a Jumping Bean

Ariana has been doing what she loves best; jumping bean and taking hundreds of photos of feet!

Evie has been doing Andy’s Wild Workout, enjoying the cake mix and another playing babies with the cat

Robyn says hi from her garden xx


  1. Ada is missing her nursery friends and all of the staff. She is loving going for a walk every day and gets very excited when we go out especially as she gets to wear her wellies!

  2. Hi Butterflies!

    Lovely to see your pictures, looks like you’re all having a fantastic time with your families and enjoying the sunshine! Miss you all.

    Amy xxx

  3. Thankyou Forest, having fun with learning and lovely clear words x

  4. Hi Butterflies! ?

    It is lovely to hear and see you all having a lovely time at home with your families. You all look like you have been very busy doing lots of fun activities.
    Lots of great exercising, cooking and dancing and it is lovely to see you all enjoying the nice weather we have been having.
    We are missing you all. Continue to stay safe and hopefully we will see you all soon.

    Laura ?

    • Hi to all my ‘old’ tiger friends, lovely to see what you’ve been up to, Eadie cooking and washing cars, well done. Thomas seemingly in his elements. A bit late but lovely singing Imelda. Arthur’s concentration on gardenig. Reuben looks brilliant as a chef. And very pleased to welcome Charlotts brother into these strange times, i’m sure Charlott is in her element now too, well done mum, take care all, and much love from me who is enjoying creative times, i’ll send some pics to Nathon to share. X

  5. Hello butterflies ?

    It is lovely to see your pictures and hear about what you have been up to, whilst you have been spending lots of time with your families at home and staying safe.
    It is nice to see you all enjoying the nice weather we have had spending time in your gardens watering the plants and going for exercise. We were all enjoying our daily mile which we started doing at nursery so I know you would all enjoy going out for your walks, run and jogs with your family.
    All the dancing, cooking and Pe sessions look fab! A big well done! You have all been busy!

    We all know jumping beans is a butterflies favourite and is always top of the song request list.
    You are all looking grown up and we are all missing you! Continue to enjoy spending time with your families and stay safe and we hope to see you all again very soon!

    Laura butterfly ?

  6. Davy has been missing all his friends at nursery and can’t wait to see them again. We have been having a lovely time at home, digging in the garden and planting seeds, baking cheesy biscuits in the kitchen and painting pictures. Davy is 3 on Easter Monday and we will be making a big chocolate cake to celebrate. We will take some photos of his birthday to share with Butterflies and post them soon!

  7. Hi all,

    When i left for maternity leave most of you were babies and tigers cant believe you are now butterflies. You have all grown so much.

    Congratulations to Charlotte and family on the safe arrival of toby, he is gorgeous ?

    Missing everyone and cant wait to see you all when things are back to normal.



    • Big hello to everyone. Charlotte misses you all very much – teachers and friends!

      Gemma! Lovely to hear from you; hope that you and family are keeping well and we look forward to catching up soon!

      Thank you Di xx

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