Guy is missing everyone at nursery. We have been to willsbridge mill alot and Guy always mentions his visits there with James in the minibus. Here is a picture of Guy in the garden cutting the daffodil stalks. He is doing really well with his scissors.

Edie has been Painting

Edie has been missing everybody in the rabbits room and has made two pictures that she wanted to share.

Lily has been enjoying the garden. She’s been making houses for rabbits and fairies, growing some sunflowers and lots of painting. She is missing all of her friends at nursery.
Hope everyone at nursery is well.

Ronnie has been busy making things, dressing up and loves being outside. He misses Rebecca and his friends and looks forward to seeing them soon.

Sophia is missing everyone from Nursery. She hasn’t been able to tell her friends she is now a big sister. When not helping mummy and daddy, she has found the time to build a den.

Noah has been very busy since he hasn’t been at nursery painting Easter eggs, playing with his sand and having lots of fun in the garden, he misses everyone lots x

Hazel is missing everyone at nursery, but making the most of her time with Mummy and Daddy x

Alice has been really enjoying having her big sister at home all the time rather than at school! They have been enjoying doing Joe Wicks PE in their party dresses. Alice got to join her sister in her ballet lesson as Sophie’s ballet teacher has recorded the lessons for the girls to practice at home. Alice really enjoyed making and eating Easter chocolate nest cakes

Ada Says Hello

Ada has started to make signs to put up on our chalkboard every morning. Here are her days of the week. She says hello to her friends and hopes you are all ok.

Bethany is looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Bethany is missing all her Rabbit friends lots but is enjoying painting, making crafts and going out for nice walks. She can’t wait to see everyone again soon

Poppy is really missing her Nursery friends but has been filling the time with lots of crafts, baking and playing and really loved Matilda’s video so here she is playing Bug in a Rug!

Matilda Sings Days of the Week

Well done Matilda, you do a great job of singing days of the week song! Can we join in.

Annabel mIsses Everyone

Annabel says hello to all her friends in rabbits and fish group. She is missing everyone but has been keeping busy on her bike.

Leo Exercising on his Bike


  1. Aww this is so lovely! Great singing, Matilda! We’ve been doing a lot of Bug in a Rug!

  2. Hi Rabbits,
    Hope your all ok and having a lovely time at home. Missing you all lots and cannot wait till we’re all back in together having lots of fun.

    Stay safe everyone.

    Lots of love Rebecca xx

  3. Hi all rabbits, hope everyone doing well at home and exploring a lot of fun activities. Holly missing all of you so much. She loves to see all the videos and photos here. She can’t wait to see all of you at nursery again

    Stay safe

    Lots of loves,


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