Nina and Toby have baked healthy fruit and seed flap jacks, we’ve started our junk model and found new fun places in the local country side, we even found a cool swing attached to a great oak tree!

Oscar is keeping busy and having lots of fun, but is missing his friends and Danielle loads. He has been helping and playing in the garden, helping with cooking, had a home haircut, helping Mummy work, doing exercise with Joe, painting, making models from recycling, learning to ride his bike without stabilisers, dressing up and loads more.

Harrison has continued to enjoy his time at home doing some science experiments including making rainbow crystals, practicing Spirographs, eating ice cream most days even in the rain, toasting marshmallows, keeping up with some writing and lessons with his big sister Molly, helping mummy to cook, learning to hop and climb… he says hello to all of his Fish Friends xxx

Zachary has been making his favourite paw patrols, gardening, dressing up, rainbow spotting, Easter Dinosaurs, pie face, rainbow walls and bike rides. Missing all of his nurses friends x

Scarlett & Bella have mainly been enjoying the great outdoors & making friends with bugs! They really miss all their friends at nursery though & ask about everyone all the time.

Jimmy would like to say hello to his nursery friends via the keep in touch page. He’s been walking his dog Dougie in the field with mummy and daddy. Playing Lego with Tommy from Fish Room on the iPad for 3 and a half hours and Making rainbow cakes.
They’ve been doing some gardening, sowing seeds for carrots and tending their own strawberry plants.
James and Thomas have  been going out daily for a bike ride through the woods and are enjoying exploring nature. Seeing the tadpoles in the frog pond and throwing pooh sticks in the stream, and of course keeping the ducks well fed at the duck pond in the park.
The Easter bunny visited and James and Thomas found lots of eggs in the garden.
They’ve painted rainbows and made cress heads and played with lots of play-doh.
They are missing their Fish nursery friends a lot and are looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.

Jacob the Giant

Jacob really enjoyed James’ reading of “The Smartest Giant in Town”. We have taken a photo of Jacob as a giant.
If James has time, Jacob would love to hear “The Three Little Pigs”.

Ethan and Leon really miss you. They have looking at of all the photos. Leon absolutely loved Ulrikes’ video of the song- he watched it over and over!
Hope you’re all keeping well

Jacob's Easter Treats

Jacob has made some easter treats. Jacob is missing everyone at nursery and is looking forward to telling everyone about what he has been up to.

Harrison and his sister Molly made a robot friend from some recycling- his name is Zobot!
We’ve had lots of fun making Easter crafts, a haircut from Daddy & daily running, biking, playing and hopscotch-ing! Happy Easter, love Harrison B

Martha has been busy organising our fruit and veg plot in the garden, painting, jumping on the trampoline and we even found an ammonite when we were digging the garden! She is looking forward to seeing all her friends again soon.

Nina and Toby miss all their friends at orchard lea. We have been keeping busy by litter picking to help the planet and making chocolate banana bread, socially distant walking and climbing of trees. Nina has been enjoying her yoga ?

Missing everyone but keeping busy with home schooling, gymnastics training, baking, puzzles, art and craft, planting and bike riding it’s lovely to see all the pictures and read all the messages left by our families and it looks like your all just as busy as us!! Hoping to see you all soon take care Becky x

Jimmy says hello to his friends. He’s been sorting his Pokémon by colour and then cutting, painting and sticking pictures.

Harrison has been crafting, baking, learning, colouring, going on adventures and having some lovely family time! He made a lovely zoo from a cereal box, some egg cartons, paper and a gardening magazine!
Hope everyone is well and sending love to all xxx

Evelyn has been busy making shortbread biscuits and making a pasta picture, what a great picture Evelyn.

Ronnie has been making Banana Cake

Doesn’t Ronnie’s Banana cake look yummy, we wish we could have some.
Jacob says hello to all his friends in the fish group.
Natalya has been enjoying exploring the bugs and wildlife in our garden. She is particularly enjoying the snails!


  1. Missing all my friends and teachers at Nursery. Love Ronnie King x

  2. Hope everyone is happy and staying safe! Harrison B says a big hello to all of his Fish friends. Enjoying seeing your updates!
    Harrison’s Mummy xxx

  3. It’s lovely to see what everyone has been doing. Martha is missing her friends and is looking forward to seeing everyone soon! X

  4. Martha, Annik is missing you too! Hope can see you soon!

  5. Hi guys, Nina Von Pahlen got into Castle Primary School, really pleased! We have set up the following FB group for Castle Primary School reception 2020 starters, please feel free to join if your child will be attending too!

    Nina is looking forward to seeing her old friends and making new ones ? xxx

  6. Hi Fish Children

    Hope you are having a lovely time with your families, I miss you loads and can’t wait to see you all soon, hopefully fingers crossed.

    Loads of air cuddles

    Danielle x

  7. Evelyn said hello! Evelyn misses all her friends and cannot wait until she can play with you all again!

    Evelyn loves to play ‘nursery’ where Evelyn is of course the teacher.

    Hoping she can play nursery for real soon.

    Love seeing all your updates.

  8. Hi Fish!!

    Missing you all so much! It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen you all!

    I hope you are all having lots of fun at home and enjoying time with your families!

    I’ve loved seeing what you’ve all been up to on here! Continue making amazing creations and exploring new things!

    Hope to see you all very soon! Stay safe!

    Love Chloe xxxx

  9. HI all Fish children.

    Hope you are all keeping well. Missing you all very much and looking forward to seeing you all very soon.

    I am busy having fun being a mummy and a school teacher at the same time.

    My days are full with homeschooling and looking after these 3 monkeys, as well as doing lots of baking and going on daily exercises.

    Hopefully see you all very soon.

    lots of love

    Vicky. xxxxx

    • Hi Vicky! How are you? Harrison misses you! Hope to see you soon

      Love The Buttons xxxx

  10. Hi all fish,
    hope everyone doing well at home I love see your pictures and lovely activities. I missing all of you and your smiling faces so much. I can’t wait to see all of you at nursery again.


    Maria Teresa

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