Alma no longer naps in the day and uses the potty, well done Alma

Hello Huxley

Huxley is really missing his nursery friends. We are doing lots of crafts, singing nursery rhymes, dressing up and going out on bike rides with Daddy. See you all soon x

Eden enjoyed her egg hunt and egg painting on Easter Sunday.

Water Play with Orla

Orla loved seeing Tomas and Sam, so I thought they might like to see Orla splashing with her big brother, Dougal. She has been talking about wanting to go to the park with Tomas and go on the swings!

Lola is missing her friends but it’s lovely to see her face light up when showing her the web page of her friends.

Hello from Orla

Orla has been saying she misses nursery (and the park). She wanted to say hello to Alice and the other staff.
Hope you are all well.

Sam's favourite thing to do during lockdown is watering his parents!

Sam very much misses his nursery friends and all the kind people who look after him. We hope everyone is well and staying safe and can’t wait to see everyone when nursery starts again

Tomos has been having fun at home. He did a big puzzle with his sister this morning.  We miss seeing all the staffs happy faces. We hope you are all ok.x

Alma would to challenge other families and nursery staff to a little game if you guys were up for it. She played this with our families and it was fun. Just make 2 pictures with your child and spot the differences (in this case it’s 8 differences). It would be fun to have one  everyday.

Logan misses all the lovely people that look after him in Butterfly room and his friends. He is s making the most of our daily exercise. We have been doing lots of messy craft activities which Logan loves – the messier the better. He’s also been ‘helping’ his mum with jobs around the house!

Hello From Francis


  1. Hello butterflys ,hope your all doing well and keeping safe , we cant wait to have you all back at nursery, please keep posting the videos and pictures its lovely to see you all.Take care and stay safe. Hopefully see you soon Abbie. X

  2. Hi Butterflies
    It’s lovely to see these pics and videos. Hope your all well, missing you all lots. Take care, stay safe and hopefully won’t be too long until we see you all again.
    Kelly xx

  3. Hi Butterflies! Im missing your smiling faces lots and lots! Its lovely to see you are enjoying your time with your families! Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures when we are all back together! Sending lots of hugs to you all, Eleanor x

  4. Hello Butterflies! Hope all kids are having fun at home too. Lovely to see the photos here! Ethan is so excited to see Francis, he watched the clip over 20 times!

  5. Hello Butterflies! Elisa wanted to come and say hello even though she’s moved on to Rabbits. She was particularly excited to see Eden’s egg hunt and wanted to know if you enjoyed your egg. She sends a big hug to all.

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