Poppy’s Spring Wreath.. she made 5 of these! One for each set of  grandparents and the great grandparents to cheer them all up.

Nina and Toby’s mutant spider from Mars called Stripey. Made from 8 painted toilet rolls held together by pipe cleaners and a paper head with goggly eyes. He eats grass, flowers and paintings. He is 19 years old. He is currently on a mission to Earth to paint and sing.

Let’s get Creative Through Junk Modelling

Junk modelling is fun and simple to do allowing children to search for treasures around the house which to some are just worthless objects such as cardboard tubes, boxes, plastic bottles and yoghurt pots.  Junk modelling is a great way for your children to use their imagination whilst developing their creativity skills and building upon their problem-solving skills. Children will use trial and error to make their model move or stand up right.  Children can become inventors and engineers whilst engaging in junk modelling exploring materials and their properties e.g. deciding whether a material is strong or bendy enough for their purpose in what they are making.

Here below are some great ideas of things you can create with different junk that you may have around your home:

If you send in pictures of your creations, we will share them here and we’d also like to hold a bit of a competition, We will announce the winners in 2 weeks time (w/c Monday 18th May)

Toilet Roll Tubes

Plastic Bottles

Cardboard Boxes

Egg Boxes

The joy of junk modelling is that the materials are free and inexpensive and open ended so your child can bend tubes, snip the pots and can decorate their models with other media such as Sellotape, paint, feathers, paper and stickers.  We hope you all have fun creating great models and arrangements out of general junk you will find around the home and would usually just throw out.

Remember instead of thinking junk modelling is just ‘junk modelling’ it is developing skills for STEAM- Science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

We look forward to seeing all your wonderful creations. You can send this via email, and we can then share them all on our keeping in touch page.